Achieving Health Equity 

With evolving payment policies that reward quality and advancements in health information technology, it is critical to ensure that health systems have the knowledge, tools and incentives to address the health needs of underserved communities. The PETAL Framework is a community-centered strategy applicable to a broad set of health stakeholders that functions to advance health equity.

The PETAL Framework is built upon the Learning Health System principles (Brooks, 2017). The framework uses a targeted approach that raises awareness, increases the knowledge of causes and effective interventions, and provides actionable ways to reduce health care disparities and improve equity through community engagement, data and analytics. The core components of the framework include: Prioritize health equity; Engage the community; Target health disparities; Act on the data; and Learn and improve (PETAL). Additional elements that cut across all core components include supportive technology, social determinants of health and sustainability.

We work with all health care and community organizations, from the individual clinician to programs spanning single organizations and multi-institutional systems to provide:


  • Workshops 

  • Operational  Consulting

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Stakeholder Engagement 

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"Telehealth helps patients receive not only the services they need but also want."

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